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by Jordan Krall
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Body Dome Light by Jordan Krall
Jordan Krall
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"The Light-Dome"
by Rainer-Maria Maas

This esoteric novel is actually quite a worldly one.
There is this fellow, who, just as he goes to sleep one night, is dragged out of his sleeping body by these two rough blokes and carried off to this peculiar place, which turns out to be the Intermediate Court, settled between heaven and earth.
There the devils who govern the world, accuse the man of being an undercover agent of the heavens, which is not allowed
according to the contracts between heaven and the devils.
These state that heavenly agents have to work in the churches, which are all under the control of the devils, which is why they apply to remove the accused from life.
So now they first of all try to prove that the man is in any case unsuited for such work, as his own life is quite weird, and of course charge him with all sorts of peculiar sexual practices, as this works on earth so well; but when that doesn't really impress anyone up there, they try all sorts of charges against him, to get him removed from life.
The defendant has an angel as defence counsel; there are also angels watching the case and asking questions; and now starts a really weird trial, in which all the important circumstances of life on earth are being dealt with in a way unknown until now.
It deals with states, wars, churches, Germany and the Nazis, the white-coats (doctors playing Frankenstein), psychiatrists, why the change of a school subject turned the cultured German society into one of barbarians, Goethe's part in this, how the Germans turned into a herd of insects in an insect state within two hundred years, how the money-bags rule the world today, why democracy has become a farce, the way it is now handled, how people have become enslaved and how to get out of it.
It is about karmic rules, about the real God, about Jahwe from the Bible as an alien from space who is heard as a witness, about Mr. Death, who is also heard as a witness in this trial, telling about his teacher -the old Mr. Death- originally doing that job, and how he committed suicide long ago when the devils took over the world.
And it also tells about Jesus, and how crime could once and for all be eliminated from the world.
And it shows the way to develop our spirituality so we can leave this level of existenze this time, while we still can.
This very funny, very satirical and critical book, which is actually a spiritual one, has so much explosive material in it, that it can become a cult book .
But most of all it should show the Young a way out of slavery!

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